Who We Are

Healing Traveller is a medical tourism facilitation company that facilitates medical trips into South Africa and around the world.

We customise each medical trip according to our clients’ current state of health, medical history, urgency of surgical procedure, appropriate travel distance.

We select each medical trip destination according to the medical treatment, recuperation and rehabilitation needs of our individual clients.

We work with a global network of JCI accredited hospitals to ensure that our clients receive the best medical treatment available to them.

As a member of the Medical Tourism Association, we are committed to facilitating safe, legal, compliant and ethical medical trips.

In the event that our clients are members of a medical-insurance service provider, we work closely with their service provider in order to produce the best possible service.

As a South African black-owned family business that was founded by a mother, who has practiced as a medical doctor for more than thirty years, and her son who is a Certified Medical Tourism Professional, we believe in a customer centric approach to medical tourism.

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